Booking a Flying Dress Photoshoot

We offer affordable prices for these flying Caribbean dresses.  Available in many colors, such as blue, yellow, or red, which are all complimented with the area´s iconic backdrops.


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Contact us for help picking out your flying dress, rental prices, and the best photo spots for the photoshoot.

Popular Dresses

Red Wine Dress                   

Marigold Yellow Dress     

Totally Turquoise Dress   

Pretty In Pink Dress                                        

*S-XL dresses with 2-week advance notice & 50% deposit

*1XS, 1-3XL dresses with 3-week advance notice & 50% deposit


Flying Dress Rentals


Flying Dress Photos offer a variety of different dresses to choose from in a rainbow of colors.  It is possible to try on dresses before-hand, but no later than 1-2 days before the photo shoot.


A dress assistant is also included in the price. ONE DRESS PER WOMAN\GIRL. Please know that you cannot share the dress.


Flying Dress Pricing (up to 2-hour rental)


Dress Rental:                                   $250 per dress

More than 2 Hours:                       $ 50 per additional hour per dress

Refundable damage deposit:      $ 50 per dress

Wardrobe Assistants (1)              Included in the package

*Additional Assistants will be required for groups larger than 2 wearing dresses for an additional fee


Additional Services

Mother-Daughter(s) Package    

Couples Package

Surprise Engagement Package

Bride-to-Be Package

Maternity Package


A La Carte Items available for additional fees

Makeup Artist                                 Prices will vary based on need

Transportation                                Prices will vary based on need and location

The great mix of sea views and beaches, Mayan-themed architecture, and sunsets make the Caribbean Mexican Riviera the perfect location and background for professional photoshoots.


Make your Mexican Riviera vacation unforgettable!


Frequently Asked Questions


How to book a photoshoot + dress?

Send us an email at


How do I get to the location?

You can get to the meeting place by ordering a taxi or renting a car.


How many places will we visit and where will we be photographed?

A 1-2 hour shoot will allow enough time to shoot in one city, i.e., Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, or Cancun. It also depends on the type of shooting you request and your preferences. For example, if you have a beautiful hotel, we can start there. Please note that all movements around the during the shooting time are carried out by the client's transport. 


How does the dress fly?

The natural sea breeze greatly helps to make the dresses fly.  Wardrobe assistant(s) are included in your photoshoot package.


What time is the best time to take a picture? 

The best time to take pictures is morning from 8:30-13:00 and evening from 16:30 until sunset (the time may vary depending on the month).  


What do you need to take for the shoot?

Dry napkins, lipstick, powder, sunglasses, a bottle of water, comfortable shoes (sandals), and high heels (these are not necessary). A handy bag/backpack, in which you can put your things. The color of underwear should match the color of the dress or your skin.


Can I order one dress for two girls and one hour of the shoot?

No. One girl in a dress can be photographed for at least 1 hour, two girls for at least 2 hours, 3 girls for at least 3 hours, and so on. 


Where can I choose the style and try on the dresses?

You order your style online, then make an appointment to try on the dresses at our boutique in Playa Del Carmen. It is a similar process as when men rent tuxedos. We will note any adjustments that we need to make for your dress at the fitting session. This session is included in your package price.